Several of our engagements have been
major successes < 130 billion $ ( review)

  • Early biotec antibody products
  • Development of clinical approach and market access
  • Achieved revenue : > 100 billion $
  • Development of clinical approach and market access
  • Achieved revenue : > 100 billion $
Medical device
  • New diagnostic technology
  • Development of market entrance in medical diagnostic
  • Achieved revenue : > 20 billion $
Medical device
  • New therapeutic approach
  • Market entrance strategy
  • Achieved revenue : > 20 billion €
Start-up exits
  • Exits ( sales , stock market)
  • Supported in different tasks/phases
  • Achieved value at exit : > 800 mio €

Start-up support - examples*  More success with smarter innovation in Healthcare/Lifescience



Med. Tech

  • Small biotech company with one core technology
Develop market position
Establish business model
Support first market success
Support stock market entrance
  • Small diagnostic start-up
Advice conc.  total process/project until stock market introduction
  • Med. Tech  unit within a university with patented core technology
Support of establishing own company
Supporting market entrance and further product development

Project examples* 
Consulting - international players in Healthcare

Improve innovation

New business

Pushing sales with Web 2.0 technologies

  • Several short-term initiatives to improve internal innovation performance


300% more ideas
new innovation culture,
new innovation approach
Subst. Improvement outcome
  • Establishing approach to define new business models and other value add opportunities 


Several initiatives started with value driven targets, buy-in of stakeholders and organisation
  • Developing a business value driven strategy and implemen-tation to  use new technologies like Social media in marketing
Successful implementation
Alignement of organisation with network approach


Assessment of

innovation hub

  • Challenge of existing model and initiating several new approaches


Overachievement of sales targets by 130%
Several approaches transfered to other products
  • Market assessment of innovation (more than 40 examples)


Defining approaches to maximise the value (add value  up  to over 200%)
  • Supporting a major player to build up an interface and internal structure to interact and attract external innovation /start-ups 
Successful cooperations/acquisition of first start-ups 

Project examples*
Digital Healthcare

Leveraging Web 2.0

Development of „digital“ therapy solution

Identification and realisation of new digital business

  • Overall strategy and several short-term initiatives to leverage Web 2.0 in marketing and customer interaction


Pragmatic approach
Implementation based on few key projects
Short term customer successes
  • Complete digital solution from diagnostic to complete patient journey (hospital – home)


Better quality
First time quantitative outcome measurement
Integration of all player
Improvement of compliance
  • Developing a business value driven strategy and implement-ation to use a new digital technology in Healthcare
Identification of several opportunities
Initialization of first pilot projects

Digital Healthcare Strategy

Patient centric digital therapy solution

Patient data solution

  • Strategy develop-ment to leverage new opportunities and compensated potential risks in the Healthcare environment


Pragmatic approach
Action plan and first results after less then 6 months
  • Complete digital approach to leverage digital technologies to develop a patient centric , personalized therapy solution


Integration of different players
Team of internal and external knowledge
Rapid approach development
  • Leveraging innovative data solutions to achieve more and better information about patients
Identification of technologies
Elaborating use cases to achieve completive advantages

Project examples*
Medical Device

Market evaluation

Diagnostics M+A integration

Partner search

  • New technology and their potential in the global market


Market assessment
Defining several solutions to overcome market hurdles
Successful market introduction
  • Large Diagnostics acquisition


Defining overall integration approach
dentification of short term challenges and solutions
  • Elaboration of partners and partnering models for a new business within a medical device company
identification of partners
laboration of cooperation model

Product evaluation

Diagnostics Service modell

Diagnostics strategy

  • Assessment of new diagnostic products


Market assessment
Involvement of KOL
Busienss case
  • Define integrated health / service solution including patient involvement


Elaboration of overall patient/disease value chain from a diagnostic perspective
Development of a Healthcare service solution across all players
  • Need to define growth approach
Definition of a new market segment
Development of an overall strategy
Successful market start and growth

* For confidentialy reason names are not publihed, further details  can be requested

Start-ups supporting (digital/mediacl device area)

Medcial device Medical data Medcial device
  • Heart failure
  • Conservative therapy by a medical device to support/replace by-pass/stent therapies
  • > 1500 m € market
  • Big data analytics
  • Simple Solution to to integrate all kinds with medical patient data
  • First time solution to work with unstructured data ( 70% of all medical data)
  • Diagnostic and Rehabilitation in orthopedics
  • Revolutionary approach to optimize rehabilitation process
  • > 1200 m € market



Example : 
20 billion € and 50.000 lifes can be saved in the German healthcare market by deploying existing innovations

  • Multiple innovation are not deployed sufficiently
  • Multiple hurdles needs to overcome
  • Even more innovation is coming to the market
  • Challenge for successful deployment is growing

What can be done?
How to align stakeholders, complex
interests and ensure business success?

Better deployment of innovation gets vital  for companies
A paradigma change is necessary

Study – Innovation in Healthcare will be publish early 2013, a copy can be requested

Innovation success with pragmatic and tailor-made approaches

Creating innovation
  • Motivating organization
  • Networking,
  • Open innovation
  • Assessment  of new products
Leveraging innovation
  • Leveraging existing innovation in
  • Healthcare
  • E.g. IT, communication, nano technologies
  • Reduce redundant work efforts
Deploying innovation
  • Bringing innovation successful to the market
  • Interacting with all critical stakeholders, right timing, define right benefits and  take  patient view